Friday, January 07, 2005

slow snark day?

It seems, after Ms. Simpson's latest debacle,
everyone is taking a bit of a breather
(and by 'bit' I mean twenty-four hour break)
from doing something notoriously stupid.
Good for their careers? Perhaps.
Good for this blog? Probably not.
Since it's technically Friday in this section of the world,
let's take a look back on the week, which was filled
with plenty tempting celebrity mishaps:

First, Britney shocked us all with her latest Letter of Truth,
wishing her fans "happy holidays, y'all *gumsnap*" as well
as detailing her latest exploits in the field of directing.
Somewhere, Orson Welles weeps. She is looking to direct
a musical she is working on, which "makes fun of the whole Hollywood scene."
The title? Hollywood. Stroke of genius there, Mrs. Federline.
And as she takes one step forward, she manages to take a step back as well-
At the gym, apparently Britney needed help working her iPod. (pictures via stereogum)
Oh and who can forget Britney's new song that's been making the internet rounds?
Mona Lisa sounds more like a collaboration with the WB frog, but feel free to listen and judge for yourself.
Unfortunately, most of our other favorite pop tarts have been strangely absent
from gossip headlines this week.For instance, La Lohan, while having phoned in
a rather weak performance at Mtv's new years eve bash, hasn't
gotten nearly the backlash Ashlee has recieved for her
recent career malfunction. But hey, we'll take snark wherever we can get it.

-Celebs (Sandra Bullock, Steven Spielberg, et al) are making headlines with
increasinly larger donations to the tsunami relief effort. But I'm sure you already knew that.
-It's official: no one can tell Mary-Kate and Ashley apart. And no one cares.
-It wasn't just trimpsa that allowed Anna Nicole Smith to lose all that weight (REALLY?)
-Paris Hilton stood up her own club opening in Orlando.
-Colin Farrell touts that paying for sex is akin to ordering a pizza. The hookers of the world salute you, I am sure.

that's all the snark I can take for today.

p.s. golden fiddle is down.
my life is over. please come back, golden fiddle.


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