Monday, January 10, 2005

Today: Photoshoots Are The Root of All Celebrity Problems; I Just Cannot Stop Talking About Brad and Jennifer

Apparently the Pitt Split has left the nations celebrities paralyzed from living their lives. And thus, few headlines:

-Today's Extremely Non-PC Headline: Retarded Kennedy Sister Dies. Rosemary Kennedy, oldest sister of JFK and inspiration for the Special Olympics, is dead at the age of 86. Are there any Kennedy's left at this point? (Ted doesn't count. He's barely alive as it is.)
-Communication is Important. British supermodel Naomi Campbell is under the impression that her and Usher are together, and are scheduled to do a photoshoot together. However, Usher's rep is denying these rumors, saying she was just "an extra in Usher's video, and is clearly bitter about not getting a larger roll."
-Today's Obligitory Tsunami Relief Effort Update: Nicole Kidman is heading to Indonesia next week as an ambassador for UNICEF.
-Pitt Split No Surprise? One gawker reader reports that she had worked with Brad during a 9/11 telethon, and she was hit with a full blast of flirt. A friend of hers also happened to work on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and claims that Brad and Jolie did hook up.
-What the Fock? Meet the Fockers number one at the box office this weekend. Again. For the third week in a row.
-Cameron Diaz Acting Twelve: Cameron "You're Jus' Jellus" Diaz was reported at a Manhattan restuarant throwing ice at Deanna Miller, a Victoria's Secret Model who recently did a GQ photoshoot with Diaz's man, Justin Timberlake. When asked what in fuck's sake she was doing, Diaz giggled and twirled her hair, mentioning she had been aiming for someone else. Riiight.
-Johnny Depp is a Rock Star Medium: For his upcoming role as Willy Wonka in Tim Burton's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', Depp has said that he looked to Marilyn Manson for inspiration. Marilyn Manson selling candy to small children, now THERE'S an image that Middle America would just love.
-File this under "We Wouldn't Have Cared Before 'Garden State' Came Out": Rumors that Zach "Ray Romano, Jr." Braff and Kirsten Dunst have been hooking up.
-Sorry Ladies, Vince Neil is off the market.
-Pitt Split Update (again): No, they aren't getting back together. But their production company, Plan B, will continue on, and the ex-couple will remain business partners. Note to Brad: Stay off of speakerphone.


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