Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today: Two For One Special! Tuesday & Wednesday's News, Together!!

I apologize for the delay. There really wasn't enough noteworthy news on Tuesday for me to merit a post. (Besides, I was lazy.) This is probably the earliest update ever. Don't get too used to it, though.

-Breaking headlines in the world of sup-par pop artists: Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera are over.
-This is actually Britney's new purfume.
-Speaking of our favorite Pop Tart, She paid a visit to a homeless man street healer in Malibu. The "doctor" said his fingers were frozen still from her "power" after "treating her". Yes, she brought the dog.
-Bill O'Reilly has clearly broken his New Year's resolution of being less of an ass. He scoffed at the tsunami celebrity fundraiser, saying that the money wouldn't go to the victims. Upon hearing this, George Clooney, founder of the telethon and all around awesome guy, wrote O'Reilly a letter, asking him to put his money where is mouth is.
-Sharon Osbourne babbles that she is working on a biopic tv movie, and wants her extremely soothing daughter Kelly to play a young Sharon. Ech.
-Oh La Lohan, trucker hats are soo two years ago..[link via ONTD]
-Courtney Love manages to dress herself for a court appearance.
-Yes, Jersey has standards: "The Simple Life" had to do some location shuffling once the Buene Vista School District decided they didn't want Hilton and Richie as interns in their school system. They felt that Hilton would set a "bad example". Filming has relocated to the firehouse for that particular segment, although there is rumor that AC [Atlantic City for all of you non-Jersey residents not reading this] may be next on the list.
-Don King is seeking $2.5 Billion [yes, billion. that is not a typo.] in damages, saying he was portrayed in a "false light" on ESPN's Sports Century program. Good luck with that, Don.
-Pitt Split Speculation: Jennifer Aniston embarrassed by Brads interest in starting a family? Chew on that one for a while.
-Getting too into Character: Renee Zellweger wants to write. As in, books. Then turn it into a screenplay and star in it. [No, just kidding. But she does want to write. Seriously!]

Perhaps a few more scraps later on, if celebrities feel like doing anything stupid.
ps. golden fiddle is back. begin breathing again.


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much too kind. by the way, i love your blog. and that b&w pic is hott with two t's.

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