Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Today: Even ABC Doesn't Care About Your Wedding, Star

- Bridezilla Gets Deleted; Skips Work in Protest. Star Jones-Reynolds boycotted work for a day after learning that ABC execs removed all of the InStyle plugs from Star's wedding extravaganza superspectacular special. Jones-Reynolds said, of the sickout "No one, including ABC, tells me what to say or what to do with my life." But apparently ABC does, indeed, tell her what to do with her life, because they threatened to fire her if she didn't return to work.
-Is is a coincidence that Drew Barrymore just happened to be shopping for wedding gowns with lead Strokes Julian Casablancas hanger-on Juliet Joslin? We think not.
-Paris and Nicole looking to launch solo careers? (second item) Apparently Paris is getting sick of sharing the spotlight. Imagine that.
- Nicole Kidman looks to get a restraining order for two Australian photographers. She could always pull a Cameron Diaz and just snatch the cameras herself.
- Island Def Jam is pulling a Jive and pushing back the release of Mariah's upcoming album. They say they need more time to "promote" it, which means they will tell the Mariah Carey street team to get cracking on some well-executed flyers made in MS paint and bum rush the local mall with ads.
- Brad Pitt slaps on his cowboy gear; women all over the nation salivate and quietly thank god that he's again single.
- Fans call De Niro a sellout for his Amex commercial, it's only a matter of time before they hang him in effigy for the Taxi Driver sequel.
- Everyone's favorite Stop Ashlee Simpson petition, now serving over 220,000 customers.
- Posh Spice so desperate for work she offers help to Britney Spears. I hope she knows she wouldn't be getting that job anytime soon.
- Britney Spears claims to have an alter ego, Mona Lisa. So, that brilliant song is actually about her, then? She's more self-aware than I thought.
-According to this site, you can get Andy Dick to do whatever Andy Dick does at your party for only $15-20,000!
- Smokey says the only way to prevent fires from taking out major train lines is to stop watching Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.
- John Goodman Watch- Alive and Well at Sundance.
-The American Public are, thankfully, not the only people who thought Elektra sucked. Garner thought it was crap too, but it was in her "contract". Was it in her "contract" to date her perpetual-off-the-wagon costar Affleck as well?
- Elizabeth Hurley: creating new eating disorders for women everywhere.
- Courtney Love was unaware that eating will make you gain weight. Although I suppose when you're on a heroin and..uh, heroin diet, you don't tend to pack on the pounds. Welcome to our world, Courtney, dear.
-Well, that was quick Did someone fall off the wagon again?


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