Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today: Celebrities Stabbed, Stinking, & Stealing

-Paris Hilton tries to prove how "hardcore" she is, by stealing a copy of HER OWN sex tape, as well as ripping down a poster. She's facing charges of petty theft and vandalism.
-George Clooney in Pain, Housewives Sip Wine, Fold Clothing & Weep. [via the post].
-Fugging It Ups favorite Celeb We've Never Heard of, Courtney Peldon, was stabbed on the set of Tobe Hooper's new horror film, Mortuary. The prop man "accidentally" gave her co-star a real knife instead of a dulled one. I wonder if he reads Fugging it Up.
-If Golden Fiddle hadn't said it, I would never have thought that was Courtney Love. Didn't we just see her looking emaciated and strung out during her court date? Is that what taking care of an eleven year old child does to your body? Courtney, for everyone's sake, please hurry up and fall off the wagon.
- Speed III: Romantic Liason? Almost. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are teaming up again, but unfortunately it won't feature a vehicle that can't stop moving, but perhaps a plot that actually moves instead.
-After We Ban Gay Marriage, Let's Ban Spongebob, Too! [via ONTD.] Some conservative Christian groups are attacking everyone's favorite cartoon who lives in a pineapple under the sea, because he is included in what they call a "pro-homosexual video".
-It's official, Josh Schwartz has lost is his mind. There are talks for an OC spinoff featuring The Forgotten Sister, Kaitlin Cooper.
-No, John Goodman isn't dead...yet. Despite this report. Those who put his name in the Death Pool, dont' get too excited.
-Sadly, Britney will never be featured in Good Housekeeping. How Can You Tell if it's Britney, Or the Dogs?


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