Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today: Wilmer Valderrama Cannot Hold Onto Lohan; Can He Hold Onto His Own Sitcom Spinoff?

-Bob Marley + Anna Wintour 4EVER !!! Wait, What??
-The Golden Globe's withering ratings cause the TV Academy to rethink the Emmy telecast. One thought would be to dump the movie and miniseries awards, leaving enough time to watch West Wing win everything.
-Because movie studios just can't find enough classic books to ruin, Paramount has cast Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, John Cleese, Steve Buscemi and others in the live-action/CGI version of Charlotte's Web.
-Taxi Driver Sequel? So basically, we'd get to see an aging Travis Bickle sit in his apartment, pet cats and talk to himself? I think the first one was enough, thanks.
-Geeks and Nerds alike will revel in the new fantastic four trailer, now available from Apple.
-So yesterday, we saw the latest pictures of Britney, complete with Mystery Ankle Rot. Apparently after she left the rest stop bathroom, she headed into a baby store, presumably to shop and tell the staff she was nine weeks pregnant, although judging on the pictures it looks like she spilled something on her outfit and barged into the store to change. But hey, anything to get those rumor mills talking, right? Thanks, Brit.
-Sharon Osbourne continues to talk about things no one wants to hear. She has undergone more plastic surgery, for perkier breasts. My favorite quote: "They're now pointing in the direction I want, and everything's looking up."
-Tara Reid is supposedly developing a television show based on her life. So, it'll pretty much be like Girls Gone Wild, but without the drunken self-awareness. And Mardi Gras beads.
-Milking the Cashcow: since both Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace are leaving That 70s Show, desperate execs are looking to scrape the leftovers into That Fez Show. Defamer has some quality spin-off suggestions. Fox, I hope you're listening.
-Lindsay Lohan Cannot Swallow. I...I don't even know what else to say. I think the joke writes itself, don't you?
-Wolverine to be the next Bond? apparently producers forgot he was in Van Helsing.
-At Least One Lohan has Some Sense- Mrs. Lohan files for divorce from her creepy husband. [via ONTD]
-Is it possible to turn "you're fired!" and the accompanying hand gesture into a musical number? Apprentice, The Musical. Clearly no one has learned from "From Justin to Kelly".
-The Stop Ashlee Petition, hoping to reach 100,000 before tomorrow.
-OC competition? not for much longer: Kelly Osbourne vehicle "Life As We Know It" to get the can?


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