Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today: More Golden Globe Goodness, Studio Heads Like Ruining our Favorite Movies for Fun & Profit, Plus More!

-Page Six gives you all the golden globe gossip you missed during the telecast. For instance, were you aware that Tobey Maguire dropped out of the gg presentation because he's too fat? My favorite bit: "Mischa Barton and Brandon Davis had a lovers' quarrel at the InStyle/Warner Bros. party, which ended when "Mischa slapped Brandon," a partygoer said. The temperamental twosome made up and left together shortly thereafter. " I knew I liked her for a reason.
-Colin Farrell is being sued for "harassing" a phone sex operator(second item). So I guess when he compared ordering pizzas to having sex with women, I guess he forgot about the whole "lawsuit" part.
- the La Lohan 'One Night in NOLA' photo essay continues, via Defamer.
-Peter Jackson buys rights to Alice Sebold novel The Lovely Bones, probably with the profits from the LOTR card game alone. [via variety]
-Disney wants to cash in on the Toy Story franchise, despite no longer having Pixar: [viaTHR]
-Pitt and Jolie waste no time- they were spotted together by the reputable Star magazine [via yahoo!] Although, Angelina claims she is simply a "shoulder to cry on". A really convenient, extremely good looking shoulder to cry on. Hmm.
-Sarah Jessica Parker pregnant again? Perhaps next time we'll search through her garbage for the results.
-Golden Fiddle is concerned about Teri Hatchers swaying noseholes. So are we.
-For those of you who feel they haven't been able to snark on Ms. Lohan enough lately, I present the Herbie: Fully Loaded poster. WINK!
-Britney <3s Public Restrooms: [via ONTD] Yes at least she is wearing shoes this time. However, it seems like her ankle has been infected with either ebola or The Black Death. Or maybe scabies? Girl cannot win.
-Disney To Try and Ruin a Good Thing, Volume 2 Mulan II- Saving China Was Just the Beginning. I weep.
-Breaking News: Nicole Richie is Actually 45 Fucking Years Old: [via ONTD]
-Is someone hacking into Hilton's e-mails? Her personal e-mails probably look a lot like my spam.
-CBS wants Jon Stewart to be the next Dan Rather? [via yahoo!] I'm not sure Stewart would be able to report "real news" with a straight face.
-If you were to choose a list of artists to cover Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven', I sincerely hope you would not be as tone-deaf to pick the following list, courtesy of Stereogum. They couldn't get Cyndi Lauper to round out that ear-splitting, decibel- shattering team?
-I'm sure, by now, we've all seen the brad/angelina/jen on the phone lj icon floating around..but have you seen the paris/la lohan one?? Enjoy.
PS. You should be watching Veronica Mars. I mean it.


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