Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today: Latenight Gossip Roundup

I really need to get back on schedule.

-Ashley Olsen and friends reportedly destroyed a hotel room. Well, there goes that good girl reputation of hers. Wait, or was that her sisters? Hmm...
-Britney Spears writes a letter to Christina Aguilera, hoping to end their fued. She put it in her locker in hopes that Christina will read it and forgive her before lunch, because today is Pizza Day!
-Next Season's The Apprentice will take place on a Carnival cruise. The Love Boat, this aint.
-Kid Rock dropped from the Inaugural Bash. Apparently, Republicans are concerned that Mr. Rock is too conservative. Just kidding!
-Steven Spielberg moves ahead with his Abraham Lincoln (? yes.) biopic, and Liam Neeson is in talks to star. I hope he's workin' on that beard.
-Ben Affleck anarcoleptic? Or are all those reports of girlfriend Jennifer (no, the other one) being pregnant keeping him up nights? [speculation via defamer]
-E! Network, always on top at lowering the bar. Since there is a television camera ban inside Michael Jackson's trial, E! plans on airing dramatic re-enactments of it instead. Defamer suggests Claymation, however I think puppets would be way more effective.
-Paris is already sick of dating that other Paris, and has been spotted with another Greek in NYC, by the name of CHris Contogouris. From the picture I've seen, he must have a GREAT personality, and/or a ginormous dick. Not that he won't be gone in a week in either case.


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