Thursday, January 27, 2005

Today: The World Needs More Superheroes That Resemble Ringo Starr

school is hard; celebrities kept quiet. therefore, not a lot to snark on.

- Tara Reid's second attempt in one week to make people think she's not a drunken crack whore. She's a SMART drunken crack whore. And don't you forget it!
-I guess Tinkerbell (or 'rat', as my Mass Media Professor upset Paris by calling it) got too big for her home (aka Paris' purse). Paris has gone out and adopted a Rottweiler puppy. (second item)
- Wrapping up loose ends at Sundance. Blah blah hipster films picked up by Focus Features, etc etc Strangers With Candy film blah-wait. Strangers With Candy- The Movie? Color me interested.
-The Sequel No One Needed aka The Passion of the Clerks, begins filming in April. I was hoping he was going to use the title Clerks 2: Hardly Clerkin' myself.
- Depp Hates the Oscars, Won't Shut up About it. If he hates them so much he could, you know, NOT GO. or maybe STOP ACTING.
- Beyonce starts a clothing line so more young women can be bootylicious, too. "It's a takeoff of sparkle. ... It's sort of Supremes-era," she said. I don't like the sound of that.
- This makes perfect sense. I've been waiting for the day when Ringo Starr would FINALLY get his own superhero-likeness.
- Marlon Brando voted sexiest man by gay magazine. I have a few questions and concerns. a) I hope they didn't mean now, because I find it hard to believe this magazine caters to gay necrophiliacs. b) is this a blind gay mans (braille) magazine?
- Mrs. Jackson is a year late, blaming Justin Timberlake for her daughters "wardrobe malfunction".


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