Friday, January 28, 2005

Today: I Keep Ground Bat In My Glove Compartment, Too

- Friendship Bats must be all the rage now, seeing as how Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt a a vial of dried bat as a way to ward off accidents. (3rd item)
-Poor Tara Reid. She's spent so much time yakking to the press lately about how smart she is, and yet the critics don't seem to care.
-First Dualstar, then the world. MK and A finally gain control over their massive media empire.
- At some point today, Variety tells us, we will find out wether A&E or TNT paid out the ass for the rights to Sopranos in syndication. The pricetag may reach up to $2.1 million per episode. At that rate (and since these are cable stations) I imagine they'll only be able to afford four episodes to rerun.
- Mischa Barton tries her best to make Keds cool again.
- Dear Kate Moss and Pete Mylifeisin(Baby)shambles- MAKE UP YOUR MIND. If I have to report that they have broken up and/or gotten back together again, I'm going to lose my mind. That, and I'm running out of jokes about crack.
- But yet last week, they tell us Paris Hilton is hosting? That is SO not hot.
- Gwen Stefani to start an army of Harajuku girls?
- Britney wants you to care. Really, really badly. She may as well get a LiveJournal.
-Hey, Veronica Mars fans, listen up. The show is finally getting some proper dues. Kirsten Bell, Joel Silver, and producers of the Best Show Ever are getting honored at the William S. Paley Museum of Radio and Television on March 14th.


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