Friday, February 04, 2005

Today: Dedication Is Everything.

- Apparently Jamie Lynn reads the tabloids too. She's been going to "Disciple Now" religious retreats, probably to wash the skank of her older sister off.
-Geraldo pledges to make the ultimate sacrifice-his mustache. If Michael Jackson is found guilty, he says, Rivera will shave off his trademark caterpillar.
- James Gandolfini goes solo; which means he has more free time to make flops like "Surviving Christmas". Thanks a lot, ex-fiancee!
- Speaking of dedication...Kabbalah is turning Madonna into a cold hard bitch. Okay. Even more of a cold, hard bitch.
- This time, Paris is actually hosting SNL. We promise!
- Didn't I just yell at Hollywood, like, two days ago? About video game/movie crossovers? WHEN WILL WE LEARN, HOLLYWOOD? The worst part is, this script could be written by a third grader with Downs Syndrome, and eight million frat boy gamers (and their dorky little brothers) will go out and orgasm in the theatre anyway.
- The 21st James Bond film, Casino Royale, is moving full speed ahead- except for that minor detail about who will actually play James Bond.
- Life to imitate art. While one cast member comes out on the show, another is set to step out of the closet in real life.
- How many people would really want to buy the engagement ring of Bennifer (the original) fame? Wouldn't it seem kind of, oh I don't know, cursed?


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