Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today: It's A Sad Day For Famous Movie To Video Game Crossovers

-We cannot fucking let go because, Brad and Jennifer are reportedly still living together (despite reports Aniston had moved in with her hairdresser and ALSO kicked Ali G out of her OTHER mansion. Those were all lies. LIES. [says her PR]) wearing their wedding bands, etc.
-Martha Stewart is one sneaky bitch. The Daily News is reporting that she may be conducting business over the phone, by speaking in a code that prison guards can't understand (aka proper english).
-This could get creepy. Pete "Can't Live With Her, Can't Live Without Her" Doherty won't let Kate Moss go, even though she very clearly broke up with him via text message. He has met the "woman of his dreams", someone who will firmly tell him 'no' when he wants to do another line of coke.
-Trial Style, Day II Judge Melville (Melville? I know, right? Coolest name ever!) has managed to narrow down the jury selection to about 250 people.
- Who thought this was a good idea? Video games to movies = bad. And generally, movies to video games = bad or worse. Did they not see how horrible the game Mafia did?
- Edward Furlong hearts lobsters, and he isn't afraid to say so. Those of you with his name in the death pool, I'd keep watch.
- Dude, You're Getting Gay Sex. Everyone's favorite Dell Spokesman arrested for Marijuana possession can now be seen live, on stage, getting it on! (Well, maybe not the last part)
- Her legs look like french fries. I realize there must be some irony in that statement, considering Kate Moss doesn't eat french fries, or much of anything at all.
-Toy Story 3, anyone? 2008? I'll be, like, almost dead by then!
- NBC orders a pilot, which will be executive produced by Tina Fey. In a crazy turn of events, the comedy stars Fey as a writer of a SNL-esque variety show, struggling to deal with egotistical actors, singers ripping up pictures of the Pope, as well as artists who are dealing with a bad case of acid-reflux and do a hoe-down off the set.


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