Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Today: Tara Reid Can't Stop Talking About What A Good Actress She Is

-The Molestation Mania begins: -Juror selection for CMJ's(Crazy Michael Jackson) trial has begun in Santa Maria, CA. And all of a sudden, approximately 10,000 CMJ fans are lookingto relocate to California.
- Pitt Splitt leaves Ali G Homeless. Hasn't this couple caused enough world-wide anguish already?
-I swear I reported this already. Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth (who?) split, Hobbit fans resume fantasies.
- My favorite man faced actress, Jennifer Garner, talks about looks being important. That's right, honey. Elektra bombed because of your "looks".
-90 Minutes of "Hey Ya', or Outkast makes a movie.
-We weren't the only one's to hate Kelly Osbourne's last album. She didn't like it either. She isn't "punk", you guys. DUH. She's totally 80s Dance!
- Paris Hilton Hates Girls Because They're "Backstabbers". That's the first time I've ever heard anything intelligent come out of her mouth. PS. The picture along with the article is a fine example of how someone can go overboard at the tanning salon, and also how fucked up Courtney Love is.
-Uwe Boll has made (and is continuing to make, if Bloodrayne and Hunter: The Reckoning are any indication) some crappy movies and apparently one fan is so disenchanted that he hacked into his site. "please stop making movies". My sentiments exactly, Anonymous Hacker.
-The poor kid tries so hard. Yet again, Tara Reid tries to convince people she is a worthy actress.
-Of course, we all know that Vin Diesel = comedy gold What is the duck doing in that picture?
- Win this contest and you'll get to see just how batshit crazy Gwen Stefani is in person. And maybe you'll get to pet and feed her Harajuku girls too!
-Looks like Jesus is on break right now. Pope John Paul II was hospitalized today. (We wish him well.)

Hey, you. Watch Veronica Mars tonight at nine? Okay? I know its on UPN. Just give it a shot.


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