Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Today: A Gentleman Always Sends Flowers

-It looks like Gawker's letter to Fred Durst really got to him, because Fred relented and sent them flowers and a note apologizing. Unfortunately, he didn't apologize for Nookie. Oh and Limp Bizkit turns nine! Isn't that adorable? Look how much they've grown!
-Did anybody know that Steve Madden was in jail? Does anyone care? Just as long as he continues making those fabulous shoes!
- This will probably be the best Friday the 13th movie ever made.
-Ashlee Simpson has had a rough year? I had no idea. But now, a paying crowd of "fans" got to listen to her whine about it. I'm sure they got what they paid for.
-After being "inspired" by the positive results from Sharon's surgery, the King of Darkness himself went out and got a nosejob. Do you hear that sound? It's thousands of Black Sabbath fans crying over their records and moldy t-shirts.
-Okay, I can admit when I don't know jackshit about stuff. For instance, I barely know who 50 Cent is, I certainly don't know who The Game is, so it is reasonable to assume that I have no idea why they are fighting or capping each others asses or whatever it is that rappers do when they get into a fight with other rappers. But today's Best Week Ever helped to explain the matter so even a a white cracker girl like myself could understand. Thanks, Best Week Ever!
-I don't know if you can believe it, but Eva Longoria was once ugly, like pretty much everyone was up until senior year when all that acne started to fade. Yeah, props to you Eva, for not making a big deal of it or anything.


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