Monday, March 07, 2005

Today: Sloppy!

-The Monday Numbers:
1. The Pacifier $30.2 M total: $30.2M
2. Be Cool $23.5M total: $23.5M
3. Hitch $12.5M total: $138M
4. Diary of a Mad Black Woman $12M total: $38.1M
5. Million Dollar Baby $8.51M total: $77M
6. Constantine $6M total: $60.5M
7. Cursed $3.88M total: $15.3M
8. Man of the House $3.5M total: $13.9M
9. Because of Winn-Dixie $3.45M total: $27M
10. The Jacket $2.67M total: $2.67M
-Well, this is rather unfortunate. It seems that Fred Durst has decided he's important enough to sue the internet for $80 million. That sounds like something Dr. Evil would do. I guess it would be pertinent to add that he's suing the websites that "leaked" (like it was OUR fault) his sex tape. So yeah, that pretty much constitutes every website ever. Gawker writes Fred a letter in response. (I'm pretty sure they don't have $80 million)
-Brigitte Nielson marries her sixth, and probably not her last, man. Flava-flav is heartbroken, somewhere.
-Urban Outfitters, in an attempt to simultaneously make fun of and cash in on Paris Hilton, present to you a new t-shirt fit for hipster consumption.
- Dapper Danger does what all of us bloggers wanted to, but couldn't, in taking a job (I don't know if being an extra is really a job, per se.) as an extra on Ms. Lohan's current film, Just My Luck. If you are surprised that the cast "can't act" and is "kind of stupid", well, then you were going to see the movie anyway, weren't you?
-As soon as Shrek 2 exploded all over the country with ubiquitous yogurt campaigns and various breakfast cereal tie-ins, we were all fairly certain we could count on a Shrek 3 in our lifetime. But had we counted on a Shrek 4? Yeah, probably.


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