Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Today: It's Natural, Y'all!

-It looks like Christina Aguilera isn't interested in making any more celebrity friends, because she totally bashes on the idea of celebrity clothing lines.
-I guess $10 million wasn't enough of a salary for LOTR director Peter Jackson, because he is suing New Line Cinema.
-Star Jones (Reynolds) is worried that her fans will confuse her and Flotilla DeBarge, the drag queen hired by PETA to parody her in an ad campaign. Don't worry, Star. You don't have any fans.
-These crazy kids cannot keep their hands off of each other! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were caught kissing at Bryan Lourd's party friday night. Sources say they arrived and left together. Let's hope they at least exchanged numbers.
-If you haven't heard by now, Mariah Carey is set to come out with a new album. The cover can be found here. No, I did mean Mariah Carey, and not Beyonce. Seriously.
-If you are really into Tim Burton for whatever reason, put a second mortgage on your home and head to his Garage Sale in Azusa, CA. If you're lucky you can probably pick up a discarded love note from Tim to Johnny Depp for a reasonable price.
-For those of you who love Vin Diesel (and I'm sure you're out there, somewhere. I mean, people did go see Chronicles of Riddick, right?) then you might want some advance warning that The Pacifier totally sucked, as told to Defamer by a reader at the premiere. But, hey. There was a bouncy castle!
-Today's Topknot Special includes: all new shit brown hair, a wisely timed pick at the underwear, fashionable wristbands, a tasteful oversized t-shirt advertising beer, and tons more trailer trashtastic snarking!
-Michael Jackson has an "I'm Innocent, They Just Ignorant" picnic, outside the courtroom. And who says the man never grew up?


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