Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today: Much Ado About Michael.

-Chris Rock clarifies his comment about only gays watching the Oscars. What he really meant to say was "I don't really want to host this again next year."
-Marlon Brando: A Legacy of Trendsetting Apparently an interview from back in 1993 with French cooks of MJs, Brando was the only guest to ever question what the hell MJ was really doing with those children. Where are you when we need you, Brando?
-More Trial of the Century News: Apparently Michael Jackson has faked sex with a child dummy. And hey, we haven't even chosen the jury yet. This can only get more squicky.
-Speaking of squicky, check out this article from the worldwide michael jackson fan club. It's truly frightening where "logic" leads some people. If MJ holds out any longer, the jury probably won't be too favorable.
-Sidehacking Update: Most of the sites are removing the phone numbers et al, but if you don't mind looking at porn ads while you laugh at the contents of Paris' phone, you can try here.
-You know its a slow news day when I'm linking to pictures from the TRL Awards on MTV. Memo to Ryan Cabrera: CUT YOUR HAIR.
-Attn: 13 Year Olds- Blink-182 on "indefinite hiatus" aka "we've broken up" , there's still hope for a reunion tour, all you malternative kids!
-Some band named Korn (I don't know, never heard of 'em)is losing their drummer to born-again Christianity. Maybe Jesus came to him in a dream and told him his band sucked.
-Sidehacking Revisited: Paris Hilton is " somewhat Courtney Love-ish" (thanks to gawker for talking to mike sandwich)

PS. It's Tuesday, so give Veronica Mars some love, okay?


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