Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today: Trashtastic Is My New Favorite Word.

-Crazy model April Florio says no to Brad Pitt. Has she not gotten the memo about the Split?
- Paparazzi are on top of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchers Mexican getaway on the chance that they might get married. But more likely they'll just come back home with really tacky souveniers that will show up in the back pages of US Weekly.
- Jessica Simpson is running out of things to do now that her marriage is crumbling around her; goes to court over exercise video.
-Today's Top Headine: Kid Rock arrested at a strip club, over the music. the News Channel 5 article also contains a hilariously appropriate picture of Mr. Rock.
-From the mouth of K.Fed, Motherfuckers: Stereogum was kind enough to transcribe the pertinent portions of the Details interview with Cletus, although Britney busts in about halfway through with that cracker barrel potty mouth of hers. Somehow, you can just feel the white trash ooze off of the words. I tell you, that's one special couple.
-Pretty much everyone on the planet is talking about the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trailer, which is now available for your viewing pleasure.
-Trashtastic: Britney's honeymoon photographs. Doesn't look like much of a honeymoon to me, though. Where are the Cheetos?
-Want to feel fat (or already do)? Check out the Hollywood Skinny. Hooray! Mary Kate gained ten pounds in less than a year! I probably gained ten pouds just this week.
- Stuntmen lobby for an Oscar spot, because they risk their lives so we can watch crap like Hitch.
- Jackson well enough to wave his hand from the hospital, so I guess that "flu" (aka "his nose fell off") isn't keeping him bed-ridden.
-ONTD tidbits: Madonna is totally not technologically challenged, because she converts people to Kabbalah by e-mail. Paris Hilton: not a slut. Brad Pitt throws a 36th birthday party for that chick he was seeing for a while, Jen-something. I can't really remember her name.
- Jennifer Lopez cancels her European tour. Perhaps she has the "flu"? Because clearly, the flu is the new black this season.
- Dave Chappelle has writers block, probably from smoking too way much weed.


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