Monday, February 21, 2005

Today: It's The Size Of Your Scandal That Counts.

-Sidehacking: Paris Hilton's Sidekick has been hacked. Paris Hacked has phone calls to some of her A-List phone numbers, plus t-shirts and hats to fully cash in on this hilarious debacle. Gorillamask also has her complete address book, photos, etc. Gawker has composed a lovely Paris collage from her pictures. Since Gawker updates multiple times daily (as I'm way too lazy for that) you can follow their ongoing foray into the Sidehacking debacle here.
PS- Bijou Phillips has a really classy answering machine message. (thanks spencer)
-Lindsay Lohan's dad sets such a good example, doesn't he? He was arrested on a DWI charge after crashing what was probably an expensive car the profits from Mean Girls bought him.
- The Monday Numbers:
1. Hitch $31.8M total: $90.1M
2. Constantine $30.5M total: $30.5M
3. Because of Winn-Dixie $10.8M total: $10.8M
4. Son of the Mask $7.67M total: $7.67M
5. Million Dollar Baby $7.19M total: $54.7M
6. Are We There Yet? $6.5M total: $69.5M
7. Boogeyman $5.5M total: $41.1M
8. Pooh's Heffalump Movie $4.41M total: $11.7M
9. The Aviator $4.17M total: $88.1M
10. Sideways $3.9M total: $58.1M
I declare Hitch to be the new 'Meet The Fockers', ie the latest movie that looks completely worthless and a waste of nine dollars, which will go on to make two hundred million dollars anyway. While quality films like Are We There Yet? continue to slip down the list.
- Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide. Surprising, yes. Shocking, no.
-Elizabeth Hurley to play Scene Eater in the next Harry Potter flick. Oops, I meant Death Eater. Ha ha, easy mistake to make.
-Mary-Kate Olsen: Off The Wagon?
-Jessica Alba is, like, totally done sleeping around (in Hollywood). I'm sure her boyfriend Cash Money or Cash Millionaire or whatever his name is would be proud to hear such commitment.


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