Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today: It's An Alternate Universe.

-My mistake. April didn't even have time to say no to Brad Pitt.
- The Duff Sisters take over the role of the Simpsons on a talented sister/dark haired unimportant sister ad campaign for Ice-Breakers. It's not like we would've known the difference anyway.
-Remember back when I told you when Russell Crowe was an asshat? Oh...which time? The one where he bashes DeNiro for doing the Amex commecial and George Clooney for suit ads in Spain. Well, George was glad to hear it. He pretty much takes care of the snark for me.
-Depending what you hear, either Michael Jackson "left" or "escaped" from the hospital after being sent there with the "flu". (link via defamer, because they have pretty pictures.)
- Goodbye Childhood Memories: WB television has bastardized Looney Tunes- Sorry. I mean "Loonatics". Indeed.
- Britney Spears isn't too happy. Apparently she's really "disturbed [y'all]" by the honeymoon pictures that have been plastered around the internet. But I'm sure she has no problem with the (literally!) millions of other photos of her with zit cream smeared on her face, grabbing K.Fed's crotch, and other, more embarrassing photos.
- Kevin Federline has chosen Michael Bolton to produce his upcoming rap album. Does he realize that this isn't that dorky guy from Office Space? This is the man who sings "When A Man Loves A Woman". I cannot wait to hear this album.
- Apparently Paris Hilton is punk rawk enough to be allowed in the presence of Avril "I Made Ties A Trend, Who's The Idiot Here?" Lavigne. I agree with the sentiment that "Avril looks like a corpse." a PUNK RAWK corpse, that is.


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