Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today: Sweet Sweet Schadenfreude.

-Star magazine totally wants us to believe that Demi Moore is pregnant with Ashton Kutcher's demonic love child, but I'm gong to remain skeptical for the sake of my sanity.
- Pictures of Nicole Richie giving directions to some guy in a Porsche are being horribly misconstrued into other, less noble possibilities. She's, like, totally a prostitute, guys. That Simple Life show just isn't bringing in the cash.
-Showtime, under the guise that people are actually watching Fat Actress, decide to rush the first season out on DVD. And yet I have a hard time finding volume four of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. What is wrong with this world?
-Haven't you heard that small chihuahuas are all the rage? You have? Well now you can be the most popular kid on your block with the animated "Tinkerbell & BitBit talk on the phone about their respective owners" livejournal icon!
-Hey, you remember Bijou Phillips, right? She's that crazy bitch who is dating one of the clams from That 70's Show. She also enjoys a good nip slip and walks on the beach late at night.
-Salma Hayek is looking to pull a Charlize Theron because that, along with playing a/looking like a boy, (Yes, I'm looking at you, Swank) is the only way to Oscar glory.
-The sweet sweet irony in all of this is that Christina said only a week or so ago how tacky it is that every celebrity has their own clothing line. And I totally wrote about it here.


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