Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Today: I Do it For the Kids!

-Madonna falls off a horse, and now we'll have to contend with how "Kabbala saved her" or some other mystical bullcrap. Look for the ABC special, sure to be airing soon!
-It seems as though Hilary Duff has spent the last year in such a coke-induced haze (what? you know it's true.) that she failed to notice that Ashlee already tried that look. And just look where it got her, Duff. You better watch those shiny teeth of yours.
-Mariah Carey, lashing out because whatever album it is of hers she just released probably bombed, is pissed that Eminem is playing voice-mail messages of hers at his concerts. Allegedly the couple had an affair while working on her Charmbracelet (when the hell did that come out?) album. Carey denies the affair happened, and so do I because I don't remember reading a thing about it, so it can't possibly be true.
-If I were to report every day that Pete Doherty was sent to jail for possession of heroin, nine times out of ten I'd actually be right.
-It seems as though the "comedians" in charge of roasting Pamela Anderson fell short with jokes about her that didn't include talking about her breasts or Tommy Lee, so they went for Tom Cruise jokes instead. Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not.

I picked a really great time to dip my toes back into this, since I'm crusin' to Bermuda for a week, starting Saturday. Then it's back to college! I promise to be more diligent regarding jbtd, because each time I think about not updating it makes me a little sad inside. So I'm sticking with what works for now, even if it means irregular updates. But at least they're funny! Right?

PS. Even though I have "Show comments in a popup window" checked to yes, I get no popup window. Any suggestions, faithful reader(s)?


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