Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today: The Scandal That Keeps on Rolling.

-Self proclaimed bitter waitress ranks celebrities on how well they tip. Those of you lowly peons in the food service industry, take note: Elijah Wood tips well!
-Everything you need to spoil yourself for the upcoming Anna Wintour Biography Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.
-Ben and Jen the Second finally achieve what Bennifer : the Beginning could not- marriage. And also spawn, but I'm pretty sure you knew that already.
-Even Tom Cruise's attack on Oprah and subsequent mind-boggling interviews and actions couldn't keep people from filling them theatre seats. War of the Worlds raked in $34.6 million on its opening day worldwide. Way to go, guys. You do realize that if the movie doesn't suddenly sink down the charts after this weekend (a la Pearl Harbor) we will be seeing a lot more of Cruise's ugly mug in the future. Thanks a lot, America (and the foreign nations who were stupid enough to also contribute).
-ABC chucks Welcome to the Neighboorhood out with the trash, deeming the subject matter to be too sensitive. Or because they made the gay couple look irritating and didn't want to risk angering their entire community. Who knows.
-This is what dreams are made of: rumors compounding on the alleged "contract" Katie Holmes signed to marry Tom Cruise intend to obscure the fact that Cruise may have slept with Rob Thomas (The one from Matchbox 20, not the creator of Veronica Mars).


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