Saturday, April 30, 2005

Today: A Long-Overdue Word for the Masses.

Hello, Five Readers of Just Bring the Drama,
I know you've been concerned, asking questions as to where your latest celebrity gossip can be found. I know you've been worried, I got your e-mails. Actually, no, I didn't. No one sent any. But the point is, I'm sure you are wondering why I've stopped updating in the past few weeks or so. I don't know why it took me song long to type up an explanation, but I guess the whopping two people who were nagging me for updates finally got to me.
I guess you could consider JBTD on hiatus for the time being, since its just about finals time and my head is ready to explode. As a college student, this was really just a fun side project for me. I spend a couple hours finding the best gossip for each day, write something witty about it, and then go do my real schoolwork. Thing is, I was spending more time doing research for the site than I was for research papers. This is bad, because I am not getting paid for this site, and college is supposed to propel me towards something where I will get paid. Hence, I put JBTD on the back-burner for a while, and it felt kind of good. I think the idea of updating this site five days a week was getting to be a bit of a burden, and it felt nice to just relax and not worry about having a deadline.
It is entirely possible that after school is over in a few weeks I will resume updates. However, I'll probably be working thirty-eight hour work-weeks at that point, so I can't promise too much. But don't worry, dear reader(s?) I will return someday.


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come back soon, please.


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