Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today: The First Sign of the Apocalypse, Y'all!

-It looks like Britney Spears has been hospitalized for "pregnancy complications", which I take to mean "Cheeto Overdose". Wait, stop the presses, y'all! She's announced on her official site that there really is a Federline Fetus in her belly. Is anyone else a bit nauseous?
Oh, stereogum has rendered photos of the possible Federline Fetus for your enjoyment.
-Mel Gibson yet another part of his slowly diminishing soul to take on an epic about the life of the Pope. You know the one.
-Mary-Kate and Ashley are looking to take over your household. First, you were tuned into your Full House/So Little Time/That Other Show They Did. Next, you popped in their straight-to-video DVDs. You plastered your walls with their pictures, your dressertops with their make-up, and your closets with their fashionable clothing line. But something was missing. So now, all you need is to throw out your furniture and replace it with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen brand furniture. Oh, and don't forget to buy one of their rugs, otherwise you're like totally not a true fan.
-Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Paris Hilton is designing jewelry for dogs. Because dogs are all about slut couture.

PS. Only five more episodes of Veronica Mars left until we discover who killed Lilly Kane. Did I mention this show got renewed? Yeah, go watch it.


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