Thursday, April 14, 2005

Today: Is It Friday Yet?

-Nicole Richie leaves 'The Simple Life', probably to go work on that fabulous album of hers. Or maybe she quit because she forgot how to eat. In the meantime, the Hilton Heiress will need another buddy to play dumb with. Hey Lindsay, are you busy?
-Kim Cattrall goes from drinking Bacardi with random men to selling it.
-I think the whole world is just trying to copy Zoolander. Read how life imitates art, and Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama have a dance off. Yes, I did say dance off.
-Speaking of Lindsay and ridiculous ideas, she's being looked at as a prospective for Clueless on stage. Like, gag me.
-If you want to find out about other shows that aren't Veronica Mars and if they'll be back to keep you from doing your homework next semester, take a look here.
-The funniest part is that this conversation has probably already occurred.


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