Friday, April 15, 2005

Today: Yes, This Was The Best I Could Do.

-A glimpse into the future for Britney Spears- she goes to Baskin-Robbins and doesn't have enough money. Only in the future, there won't be any paparazzi standing outside to loan her ten bucks.
-Paris has found her new sidekick- Kimberly Stewart. And I'll continue to not watch.
-"The Wedding Singer" is being transformed into a Broadway musical. I can't even make a joke about that, I'm just too horrified.
-Why, as a matter of fact, I would like to see Fred Durst with his own talk show! I'm so glad you asked.
-If Britney Spears can't get work now, how does she expect to find any three months after she gives birth to her Federline spawn?


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