Monday, September 19, 2005

Today: Kate Moss Won't Go Away.

-So, let's take a look at these weekend box office numbers, shall we?
1. Just Like Heaven $16.4M total: $16.4M
2. The Exorcism of Emily Rose $14.9M total: $51.6M
3. Lord of War $9.39M total: $9.39M
4. The 40 Year Old Virgin $5.97M total: $90.7M
5. Cry_Wolf $4.43M total: $4.43M
6. Transporter 2 $4.01M total: $36.5M
7. The Constant Gardener $3.62M total: $24.3M
8. Red Eye $2.86M total: $55.2M
9. Wedding Crashers $2.53M total: $204M
10. Marche de l'empereur, La $2.52M total: $70.4M
I don't know about you guys, but I'm more than a little surprised that Reese Whitherspoon has appeal that lasts beyond Legally Blonde and its sequel. Although its possible that some of those millions were attributed to confused fans of the Cure, much like goth Jared was. Half of the rest of this week's list I've never even heard of, so I'll just take that as a cue to move on to talking about people's horible hairstyles at the Emmys.
-Or you know what, let's talk about Kate Moss first. Because sure, we all heard about the one-woman cocaine rager. And the world collectively yawned. Because honestly? She's a model AND she's dating Pete Doherty. She was practically mandated to be on cocaine. However, she's taking things to the next drug-addled step by having lesbian three-ways. If Pete were actually coherent enough to understand what his girlfriend is doing, I'm sure he'd be thrilled.
-Jennifer Lopez does not learn. I cannot understand how making a movie with Marc Antony could possibly be successful, unless its a zombie flick and Marc has the title role.
-Oh wait, this just in. Kate dumped Doherty's ass again. Dry those tears kids, they'll be back to snorting and sexing it up by tomorrow or thursday the latest.
-Mad Magazine tries really hard to be relevent and make a joke about Lindsay Lohan but it falls about as flat as an episode of their show does. Which is to say, I'm dumber for having seen it.
-I'm a bit worried for Felicity Huffman's safety. When working on a show filled with catty women playing even cattier women, one has to watch their back at most every turn. Now that she's won an Emmy, I'd hate to see how much Teri Hatcher bribes Marc Cherry with to off Huffman's character. Or worse, I'd hate to see what Teri'd do to her dressing room.
-Oh, one more thing. Patricia Arquette, dear? Not even Gwen Stefani could make that work.


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