Friday, October 21, 2005

That Sean Preston Kid.

Well, I've got to hand it to Britney. She managed to name her child something normal, not like Venti Latte Cheeto Spears as we were all expecting, AND she also managed to keep her doomed little newborn out of the tabloids for a whole month. These pictures have finally leaked, and I'm fairly surprised at how they turned out. First, I'm shocked that K. Fed managed to free up time in his busy schedule for the shoot at all, what with all those, runs he's been doing. Yeah.
Not only that, but the child has no discernible red bull stains on his little baby outfit. Kudos, young Sean! I am even tempted to call the picture in the bottom left corner "cute", although they may take away my celebrity blogging license for that one.
As long as they keep him out of baby manpris (babypris?) and away from flip-flops with socks, this kid may just turn out to be okay.
Especially if he's being raised by the nannies.


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