Monday, October 17, 2005

This One's For You, Shana.

So I was surfing the internet today for my fill of celebrity gossip, as I am wont to do. And I came across this little gem. And clearly, it grabbed my attention enough to warrant an update.
So, Ashley Olsen (you know, the one who eats) is sitting in an Applebee's when some fans come up to her. And not just regular fans, who would be all like "SQUEE" and "OMGWTFBBQ" and stuff, but fans who looked like they were about to piss their pants. No, they didn't just want an autograph, or a picture, or some of her fries to sell on eBay. They wanted to watch her pee. Now I realize there are fetishists out there, thats all fine and dandy. But isn't that the type of thing that they make internet chat groups for? You aren't supposed to go up to celebrities, interrupt them while they're eating, and ask them to perform some slightly creepy act so they can get off on it.
So Ashley said yes. And I've got to give this girl a lot of credit, because how many celebrities would actually let their fans watch them pee?
So she goes and pees. But these crazy piss chicks wouldn't let her flush. They go in to check out her pee, and then pee in the same toilet.
And then they took pictures with her.
I feel like this is straight out of someone's nightmare.

Well apparently this story isn't true. But I guess I should've known from the start. I mean, Ashley Olsen eating at Applebees? That did sound a little suspicious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pssssh, that was barely an update. oooh but i do love the shout-out.

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