Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Today: Fame And Fortune, Fancy That.

-A whole lotta bitchin'. Cameron Diaz secretly hates that she's dating a mommas boy, Kelly Osbourne hates being famous, Robbie Williams hates photographers, Sharon Osbourne hates titty-less Super Bowls, and more.
-Are you listening, Tom Green? Drew Barrymore breaks up with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti on a napkin or something.
- More speculation about the life-imitating-art Desperate Housewives coming out of the closet (conveniently in time for Sweeps) frenzy.
- Fox moves Fantastic Four back a week, not even bothering to try and compete with War of the Worlds for opening on the July 4th holiday weekend. I guess I'll start planning for the barbeque after all.
- X-Men 3 to feature...more X-Men. I hope I didn't spoil anything for you.
- Owen Wilson's career depends on buddy comedies, so its no surpise he defends Ben Stiller, his partner in crime, in the current New Yorker. He comes off as much less of an asshat than Rob "I Played A Male Prostitute, Not A Fact Checker"Schneider
-Finally, Corey Feldman has something to say, and we're going to listen. 20/20s Martin Bushir has the exclusive interview this Friday @ 10 pm, so don't make any plans. Or, you know, TiVo it or something.
-Lindsay Lohan is going for a role that doesn't involve bitchy teenagers or talking cars. Hopefully working with Meryl Streep will teach her a lesson called "Working with real actresses means I can't bitch about the size of my eye on posters all the time."
- Princess Paris? My nightmare would be fully complete.
-Simpson Family Gossip Time: Nick Lachey desperately attempts to ruin his marriage; Ashlee and her huge nose do another photoshoot. Pa Simpson is spinning that PR wheel like crazy.

PS. I'm going to keep telling you to watch Veronica Mars until you actually listen.
PPS. Today's title inspired by mission of burma, because they rock.


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