Monday, February 07, 2005

Today: Hollywood Has A Problem

-The Monday Numbers:
1. Boogeyman $19.5M total: $19.5M
2. The Wedding Date $11M total: $11M
3. Are We There Yet $10.4M total: $5.1M
4. Hide and Seek $8.9M total: $35.7M
5. Million Dollar Baby $8.77M total: $34.7M
6. The Aviator $5.45M total: $75.9M
7. Meet the Fockers $5M total: $265M
8. Sideways $4.8M total: $46.8M
9. Racing Stripes $4.42M total: $40.5M
10. Coach Carter $4.4M total: $59.5M
Crappy horror movies have found their place in this millenia, and that place is February 2005. And I'm pretty sure we have a nother shitty horror movie to look forward to before the month is out. Hey, whatever knocks Meet the Fockers out of the Top Ten is fine by me.
- Eva Mendes will be starring opposite Nicolas Cage in an adaptation of Marvel Comics "Ghost Rider" picture. We're only about two films away from overdosing on the comic book movie genre, I think. And you know what? If Hollywood decides it wants to be irresponsible with this, then fine. Because someday soon, Hollywood is going to be rolling around on the floor convulsing after they release the fourth X-Men spinoff, Superman VS. Wolverine VS. Hellboy or something, and I will stand there and laugh. You hear me, Hollywood? LAUGH.
-The real thing is always better. A&E is launching a Crime & Investigation network, for all those hardcore fans sick of liberties taken in the thousands of CSI and Law & Order spinoffs. Variety reports "[it] will be dedicated to forensics, justice, and mystery programming." They couldn't have just taken over CourtTV?
-This Just In: Next season's network pilots to totally suck. Since when has anyone agreed that used cars and mermaids were grounds for a worthwhile sitcom? Actually, wait. When was the last time any network actually had a worthwhile sitcom?
-From the woman who didn't know she had gained weight because of elastic waistbands, comes the 14 bottle a day grape soda habit!
- Dave Grohl has stretched his fifteen minutes of fame into a full-blown half hour, which will hopefully end after his upcoming Foo Fighters double album sinks like a stone.
-Meanwhile, at the Federline residence... Britney goes all scene on us, and Cletus can't be bothered to shave, not even for a photoshoot. Not that the look is even at all surprising anymore. What would be surprising is if we saw him in cornrows, holding one of his tiny dogs, CLEAN SHAVEN and SHOWERED. (pictures via stereogum because I cant find the original links from ohnotheydidnt)
- Britney is interested in one of the homes Donald Trump is currently building. This must mean the stinkage at the current Casa Federline is too much for her to handle.


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