Thursday, February 10, 2005

Today: Jesus Died For Your Profits.

-Paris Hilton to play the Jeannie in a Bottle on a television show, with scripts, and actors!
- Russel Crowe says what we were all thinking about that stupid DeNiro Amex commecial, except that he's kind of an asshole about it.
-Also on Page Six, we learn that Britney Spears clearly married Cletus for his brains, as K. Fed talks to "Access Hollywood". Well, you know what they say. A couple that plays house together, stays together.
- Lindsay Lohan and 'Just My Luck' co-star Samaire Armstrong were totally just "sharing a stall" because "the line was, like, so long". And no, by 'line', they do NOT mean cocaine.
-David Cross was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and apparently he reads defamer, because he says that he "found out on the internet" about the shuffle and subsequent few episodes worth of his show (see yesterday's update). He then goes on to suggest that maybe Fox should replace his show with America's Cutest Retards David, don't worry. I'm sure that one was already on the list.
-I hope you haven't been eating recently. Drew Barrymore parades her unsightly armpits, which were obviously not on the list of things to clean up after breaking up with Fabrizio Moretti.
-Scorcese and DiCaprio are going three for three; The Aviator, the in-production The Departed, and the upcoming Drunken Angel.
- For the three Minuteman fans out there (besides me, that is) Watch the We Jam Econo trailer and wish that D. Boon was still alive. (thanks spencer)
-Mel Gibson is getting antsy because he's not making enough money off of The Passion as he'd like, so he's cutting some gory shit out of it and re-releasing it in theaters. Even though the original version made almost $400 million dollars, Gibson is putting this version out so he can get at least nine bucks from every single person on the planet, including the squeamish ones.


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