Monday, February 14, 2005

Today: Totally Phoning It In.

- Those of you who read Britney's latest Letter of Truth know that she totally dissed Paris' dog Tinkerbell. because apparently Britney isn't getting enough publicity on her own and needs to drag tiny chihuahuas into things.
-The Monday Numbers:
1. Hitch $45.3M total: $45.3M
2. Boogeyman $10.8M total: $33.3M
3. Are We There Yet? $8.5M total: $61.5M
4. Million Dollar Baby $7.58M total: $45.1M
5. Pooh's Heffalump Movie $6.01M total: $6.01M
6. The Wedding Date $5.6M total: $19.5M
7. Hide and Seek $5.55M total: $43.6M
8. Sideways $4.75M total: $53.1M
9. The Aviator $4.64M total: $82.3M
10. Meet The Fockers $3.4M total: $270M
I'm really pissed off that Pooh's Heffalump movie didn't do better.
- Chris Rock jokes that no straight black man watches the Oscars, and while he's probably right, Drudge still gets all pissy about it.
-So, how about those Grammys, huh? Ray Charles won a shitload, too many musicians played at once, and I think Usher maybe won something. Green Day? Yeah, they were on stage too. Yes, I did fall asleep.
-For those of you were asleep or dead over the weekend, Christina Aguilera is getting married to boyfriend Jordan Bratman.
-Are you guy ready for the most wooden movie ever? Well, here it is. Decameron, with Hayden Christensen and Mischa Barton. The only way the acting could get any worse was if they threw in Keanu Reeves.
- 7th Heaven gets renewed for yet another season, allowing the show to run out of feasible plotlines and stick to marrying everyone off and getting them pregnant.
- At least she keeps them both inside her bikini this time...Tara Reid, drunk on a beach. Isn't fame awesome?
- Apparently not many people were interested in a horrible rendition of Across The Universe or Usher winning every award, ever.


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