Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Today: A Whole Lotta Lohan

- Michael Jackson is taken to the hospital for "exhaustion", apparently because the stress of...sitting in a courtroom was really getting to him. Okay. Or perhaps he was just overwhelmed with the amount of starpower shining from his celebrity defense roster:
The totally A-List and relevant superstars include, Liz Taylor, Kobe Bryant, Jay Leno, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Nick and Aaron Carter, Barry Gibb, Larry King, Ed Bradley, Maury Povich, Deepak Chopra. Wow. After hearing all those names mentioned at once, I'd probably have to be hospitalized (with the "flu") too.
- Star Jones makes gossip fun again! She RSVPed to two different Grammy parties, neither of which she'd been invited to, and still didn't get in. Honey, it doesn't matter how much liposuction you have or how gay your husband is, you'll be D-List.
-The Daily Dish (bottom of the page): Ashley Olsen rounds up her man-eating lawyers to take on The National Enquirer over a piece that reported she was "caught in a drug scandal". Because all of us really need to read the Inquirer to believe that.
- Page sixsixsix makes some serious steps forward in getting substantial proof that Clay Aiken slept with a male porn star.
- Defamer presents its very own Lindsay Lohan doll!
-And you know when New Orleans has had enough of you, you've got a real problem. The Times- Picayune reports that La Lohan is making many lives miserable.
- Ashlee Simpson is picking up Lindsay Lohans leftovers She's been spotted with Wilmer Valderrama, which is interesting considering he usually likes them young, illegal, and somewhat talented.

PS. It's Tuesday, you know the drill. Watch Veronica Mars.


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