Friday, February 11, 2005

Today: It's Not All About The Benjamins, Baby.

-There is only one word that comes to mind when I think of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's marriage. And that word is: tasteful. To help illustrate, gawker provides some pictures so you can feel like you were really there, wearing the embroidered "Pimp" groomsmen suits and all. Aw look, the bridesmaid dresses are the same color as the roses! That's so classy!
-In more somber news, Arthur Miller has passed away. Milions of headlings everywhere will, predictably, read "Death of a Playwright".
- Julia Roberts pimps her children out to People magazine.
-Apparently, Sean Connery believes he has artistic integrity, because he walks away from a $17.5 million paycheck, yet he still made LXG.
-Cameramen and producers for VH1's "Strange Love" are totally kicking themselves right now. While Bridgette suffered an asthma attack, Flava ran through traffic to flag down an ambulance. Don't worry VH1, I'm sure someone snapped pictures with their cameraphone!
-Hold off on your e-mail and salty tears, disgruntled ArrDev fans, Fox has something to say. It's not getting cancelled, just yet. At least, not until American Dad stops sucking.
- GM Recalls 193,000 vehicles, including Hummers, because...they might crash. Men will have to find another way to make up for their penis size.
-Lindsay Lohan back in hospital for "bronchitis". Although yesterday it was the flu. And tomorrow it will be exhaustion. Again.
-OMG Y'all! It's another Letter of Truth: Part IV or Maybe V (I can't read Roman numerals, y'all!). It's the usual spewing of delusional insights and horrible grammar. Enjoy, y'all.
-Jerry Bruckheimer dangles the treat of big explosions over the heads of blockbuster directors in order to get them to film for the small screen. (via variety)
- Cameron Diaz attempts to outrun the paparazzi and scrapes her car up in the process (as told by a reader to gawker). Then, Cameron attempts to outrun them on foot. Are we sure she isn't filming the sequel Paparazzi 2: Camera Snatching Boogaloo?

PS. Happy Birthday Shana, you celeb obsessed silly whore.


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