Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today: Here's One For You, Horror Movie Fans.

-Al Reynolds has "left" his job at Merrill Lynch, presumably to spend more time at home listening to Star bitch about he View co-hosts. I give it a month until it comes out of the closet.
-Thomas Hayden Church will be portraying the next for Spiderman to fight, although Sam Raimi refuses to announce just who Church will be playing.
-Ben Affleck figures that if he directs a movie maybe someone will forget he's involved and actually go see it.
-Fox orders a third season of the OC, so my Seth Cohen
fantasies will continue uninterrupted at least until next May.
-George Romero is working on a new zombie flick. I predict this one to be called "Afternoon of the Dead" or maybe even "Late Evening of the Dead".
-In more horror movie news, Robert Englund attempts to convince Jamie Curtis to flim another Halloween movie. Englund is hoping to team up with Michael Myers and beat the shit out of Curtis for making "Freaky Friday".


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