Friday, March 18, 2005

Today: Karma's A Bitch.

-CBS is looking to make (even more) money off of Martha Stewart, courtesy of a biopic.
-Paris Hilton is one tough bitch. She wants Paris (her boyfriend, remember?) to remove his tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, or he can kiss Paris' ass goodbye.
-I am sure it will come as a complete shock to those of you following the Lohan Clan that Michael Lohan was arrested and charged with DWI. Somehow he managed to stumble out of the car before it went up in flames, similar to his life presently.
-Hopefully all that voting did some good. E! Online's 'Save One Show' Poll results were announced, and Veronica Mars totally kicked major network ass, taking in 56% of the vote.
-You remember way back when I told you Christina Aguilera was bashing celebrity clothing lines, right? And then we were totally by the fact that she was getting her own clothing line? Well it seems like her karma has caught up to her, because her clothing line has been axed.
-Hey comic book nerds, more news for you today. Parker Posey is going to be playing Kitty Koslowski in your much-anticipated Bryan Singer-helmed Superman project.
-This is probably the funniest thing that I've read all day. There goes the neighborhood, Mulder.


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