Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Today: There's Always Someone Watching. Or Listening.

-Yeah, Lindsay Lohan was totally sober when this happened. Just My Luck, eh? Oh, I crack myself up!
-Demi Moore's publicist, afraid to even touch the idea of a Moore-Kutcher demon love child, denies the rumors to keep his piece of mind.
-Apparently Hilary Swank can't pony up $150, because she's been fined for not declaring fruit in her luggage and is making a big enough fuss about it for me to report it.
-My new favorite indulgence: Dan's (from RW/RR Inferno II) blog
-Gawker got the exclusive transcript of Jay Leno and CMJ's accuser. And there Leno goes, screwing up everything, say the kid sounded " rehearsed". I'm not sure that you're really one to be calling people "rehearsed", Mr. King of Late Night.
-For the none of you that care, pictures of Alyson Hannigan enjoying herself and walking with some guy who isn't her husband.
-Okay, so like guys? We're totally going to get the real truth on wether or not Ashton knocked up Demi Moore (10th item down) when he goes on TRL! OMG maybe he's like totally PUNKING us???


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