Thursday, March 17, 2005

Today: More Proof That The French Hate Everyone.

-Julia Stiles gets her way and will be starring in her very own adaptation of Sylvia Plath's novel, the Bell Jar. So now you all know, when Stiles wants something, she will throw a big hissy fit to get her way.
-Brittany Murphy totally denies doing coke. She's, like, just naturally skinny and high-strung. Duh! She's never even SEEN cocaine!
-Defamer has an interesting piece on Simpsons creator Sam Simon, who was on Howard Stern talking about the episode written for Michael Jackson. He remembers that CMJ wanted a script change so that "his character could spend more time with Bart". As if that wasn't creepy enough, Simon also mentions that someone gave CMJ a Bart Simpson doll, and Jackson would kiss it.
-What kind of world are we living in where no one bids on Mary Kate Olsen's thong? For the small price of fifteen dollars, you too can be one step closer to a registered a sex offender for having an Olsen twin's underwear to sniff.
-Molly Shannon finally spits out her second spawn, Nolan Shannon Chestnut. Well, with a name like that, he's sure to keep bullies away. Well, unless those bullies are afraid of really Irish people.
-The Gap ditches Sarah Jessica Parker in favor of Joss Stone for their latest ad campaign. As long as she isn't badly covering rock songs in the commercials (I can never forgive her for the mess she made of "Fell In Love With A Girl") I guess I don't have a problem with it.
-Coming to a theatre near you: Kelly Osbourne as Wednesday Addams.
-Hey comic book nerd, don't worry. I've got a little something for you too. Seems that Joss Whedon, creator of the infamous Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe has been signed to write and direct a live action version of "Wonder Woman" for Warner Bros.
- This is just laden with the schaden. Julie Delphy is basically accusing Beyonce of totally raping the French language. I love it.


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