Friday, April 01, 2005

Today: Back In Black.

-George Clooney raises his cool factor exponentially by announcing April Fool's Day is for amateurs, and subsequently striking fear in the hearts of every single Hollywood friend he has.
-Sin City opens today. Frank Miller fans, prepare to cream your nerdy little shorts, because it seems to be getting stellar reviews all around.
-PETA's new ad featuring the Star Jones look-alike (drag queen), Flotilla DeBarge.
-Brad Pitt gives up his Hollywood mansion, after hearing his soon to be ex wanted to keep it. Don't worry, Brad. I'm sure about six million women in this country would be glad to put you up for however long you need.
-Another unnecessary remake: Casablanca. Starring...Paris Hilton? Sigh.
-Everyone is worried about health these days, even Cookie Monster.
-I'm sure if you have looked at a website at all today, you've seen reports of the Pope in critical condition, perhaps even reading he's dead. It's not looking good for him, unfortunately. I'm not Catholic or religious, but I've gotta give my prayers to a guy with a picture like this.
-Britney Spears is desperate, but apparently not desperate enough. Britney's been begging for a cameo role on Desperate Housewives, but the producers have turned her down.
-Notorious B.I.G could be on the B.I.G. screen by you in the near future.
-For those of you who don't know, Mitch Hedberg was a comedian who did your typical stoner schtick. As in, one joke about yogurt would last about twenty minutes because of all the pauses. I was, in fact, just discussing him the very night before I heard he passed away. I can't say he was my favorite comic, but I do regret missing his show at my school mere months ago. He was a good guy, he made me laugh when we put on his CD during work. He will be missed.
PS. He died in Jersey hotel room, which is probably the way I'd want to go.
-Well maybe if Justin Timberlake drove in New Jersey, he wouldn't have this kind of mishap. Someone else would be "filling his tank", so to speak.

No sir, the gossip keeps on rolling, even while on vacation. Florida was great, I got sunburned and never got to see Against Me!. I'll see all of you here on Monday.


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