Saturday, April 09, 2005

Today: Better Late Than Never.

-Christopher Guest gives up on the mockumentary genre.
-Further proof that Tim Burton is crazy
-Us Weekly's least shocking cover ever.
-Jennifer Lopez wants people to call her Jennifer Anthony, so she can get as much use out of her husbands name as possible until she divorces him.
-Meet and greet info for Veronica Mars fans. If you live in or around the Boston or NYC metro area, I expect your asses to be there in full force.
-I guess Teri Hatcher has a lot of time on her hands. At least, enough time in between shoots to doodle all over the Vanity Fair with her and her cast-mates on the cover.
-Ashlee Simpson's backstage rider includes pickle relish. How can that possibly be good for her acid reflux? Pre-recorded drumming sequences? In case he pushes the wrong button, perhaps?
-I think the last thing that Beyonce needsa doll, to feed her ego and make her wonder why there are there dolls and not just one.
-Anna Nicole Smith is writing for the National Enquirer, because what legitimate newspaper would possibly hire her?

Blogger was down all of yesterday, hence I could not update on time. So let's just pretend this stuff is all new to you! Have a great weekend.


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