Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Today: Let's Get Hitched In Vegas!

-First Bruce Willis, now Christian Slater? Miss Lohan sure does have a Daddy Complex, doesn't she?
-Britney Spears signs a deal with UPN for a reality show based on her adorable marriage to Kevin Federline. She's hoping to "contradict the tabloid media's misguided portrayal of her private life". Yeah, those tabloids are wack, Britney. They don't show you eating Cheetos and Red Bull nearly as often as you actually do.
-I refuse to acknowledge that there is a new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster up, because this movie fills me with a burning hate too intense to describe. Besides, Johnny Depp looks like Anna fucking Wintour.
-The Other Olsen, aka Ashley, decided she needed to get a dog also.
-Despite what some other sites may have to say, I'm excited about Lords of Dogtown. Hopefully it can capture at least a portion of the awesome that Dogtown and the Z-Boys did.
-ABC News' Peter Jennings lets us in on a little secret- he's got lung cancer. But he's determined to keep broadcasting through treatment.
-Mary-Kate Olsen is spotted with yet another man who is supposedly her boyfriend and is almost old enough to be her father. I wonder what they talk about over dinner.
-Watch the tv spot for the movie that is sure to garner Paris Hilton an Oscar nom, House of Wax.
-Attempting to brush the last bits of Tom Cruise off her shoulders, Penelope Cruz may or may not be getting married to her boyfriend Matthew McConaughey.
-Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal are reportedly getting married (to each other!) so they can have little fugly babies.

It's Tuesday, so its time for an Obligatory Veronica Mars Reminder. Only six epsisodes left!


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