Thursday, April 07, 2005

Today: The Real Reason Childen Go To School.

-Madonna's children are now fluent in french so they can talk about how bad their mom was in Swept Away without her knowing.
-All your questions about Britney's hop on the reality bandwagon can be answered here, UPNs official site for her show.
-Some crazed woman who thinks Colin Farrell could take enough time out of his busy schedule to stalk her has failed a lie-detector test.
-The Duff Sisters, looking to surpass the annoyance of the Simpson sisters, are set to star in the "comedy" Material Girls. Hillary's re-recording and subsequent bastardization of Madonna's "Material Girl" is reportedly what inspired the movie deal.
-It's official- Michael Bay will ruin the Transformers movie.
-Green Day billboard banned for being "distasteful". Well, maybe they are just really hardcore Dookie fans.
-Britney Spears is banned from taking care of her step-son, because it took Shar this long to realize how incompetent her baby-daddy's new girl is. However, she's still letting the crazy couple look after her two year old Kori, probably because Kori has a higher IQ than Britney and is capable of looking after herself.


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