Monday, April 11, 2005

Today: How Did Sahara Make Eighteen Million Dollars?

-Britney Spears hates "false" tabloids, but she has no problem talking to a fourth-grader for her school newspaper.
-Yet another Dunst/Gyllenhaal fake out. When will these crazy kids learn that after you keep crying wolf so many times, people will eventually stop caring?
-Once you've been in the public eye long enough, deserved or not (I'm looking at YOU, Ashlee), you would think that an understanding of how not to show off your underwear would be reached.
-The Monday Numbers:
1. Sahara $18.5M total: $18.5M
2. Sin City $14.1M total: $50.7M
3. Fever Pitch $13M total: $13M
4. Guess Who $7.1M total: $51.1M
5. Beauty Shop $7.1M total: $26.4M
6. Robots $4.65M total: $111M
7. Miss Congeniality 2: You Know The Rest $4.12M total: $37.5M
8. The Pacifier $3.03M total: $100M
9. The Ring Two $2.9M total: $72.3M
10. The Upside of Anger $2.6M total: $12.4M
Where did Ice Princess go?
Note to Jimmy Fallon: Stop, right where you are. No, I don't care if you were sleeping. You get out of bed, you call Lorne Michaels, and you tell him you're sorry. Very, very sorry, and could you please tell Tina Fey the same thing? I think they'd appreciate it.
-Have I mentioned that Veronica Mars got renewed? Yes, about a thousand times? Well, I just need to revel in the news again.
-Do you want to rock and roll all night, and watch bad reality television all day? Well Gene Simmons is taking that idea all the way to the bank (and VH1).
-We all know how Ashlee Simpson has a problem with lip synching, but apparently she doesn't have a problem being airbrushed on the cover of Portuguese Cosmo.
-The conspiracy about Britney's interview with a fourth-grader gets cracked wide open. I knew it was just too good to be true.


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